What is Coaching & Why Do It?


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Are there things you’ve always

wanted to DO or CHANGE

. . .but your LIFE keeps getting in the way?

Personal Coaching is for You!

Walk with Julie into a World Where…

Your Heart is Full of Passion and Purpose!

You Actually Live Your Most Sought After Dreams!

You Keep Yourself on Track with Incredibly Motivating Support
(AND have fun while you are doing it…)

Your mind works WITH you, rather than against You!

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With Julie’s Masters in Neuro-Linguistics ~ You Can:

Collapse Repetitive Behaviors & Negative Emotions

Release Fear, Anxiety &  Phobias

Release Trauma & Decisions  in Such a Way They Are Gone Forever!

Change Old Distorted Beliefs

Remove Conflicts in Your Life

Set Positive, Powerful Emotional States You Can Call On INSTANTLY

Install New Strategies for Success

Role Model Excellence

Create Peak Performance Life

Set Goals into Your Future with Law of Attraction


ADDRESS ALSO:  Health, Finances, Career, Parenting Challenges, Disorders, Family History, Weight Loss, Wealth, Addiction, Relationship & Sexuality Issues

Change Feels GREAT!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1.  You will get a very powerful Intake Questionnaire with 22 questions which is a Neural-Change Process in and of itself. You will already be changing your life as you write it!

2.  You email it to Julie at least 24 Hours before your first session.
1 Hour+ Session, Julie Post Time Written Re-cap & 1 – 10 Minute Follow Up Phone Call)

3.  Julie preps for about an hour with your work

4.  You do the phone or in person session with Julie that will include one Hypnotic Process and let you leave with some great Recommendations to further you along and at least 1 Task.

5.  Julie writes up a short re-cap of the session usually taking about 45 more mins of her time and sends it to you.

6.  You check in and let her know how you are doing in a day

7.  You schedule a future session about a month or less from now to follow-up and chart your great results.

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~ $$$ Discounts for Prepaid Packages
~  Monthly Payment Plans 

~ Year Long BREAKTHROUGH Elite Coaching Program
     (Pre-qualification Interview Required – VERY limited space,  Slots Left for this year)

~ Confidential Celebrity Crisis/Intervention & 7 Day Retreat

~ Call for Pricing and Structure on all Services

Email = DreamwithJulie@gmail.com
Call = (323) 481-1884

* * * * * Review for Julie

“Julie is like a balm for my soul! After I work with her I am in my center and empowered…”
K. Best. – Female Business Owner, Los Angeles, CA

Sooo – What is NLP???

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change there is in existence.”

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a Rapid Change Technology developed in the 70’s by a Linguist with a PhD and a Mathematician with a Masters in Psychology who thought, “Isn’t the brain really like a computer?”  “Can’t we program it, or de-program unworkable ‘software’ in it?” They studied the greatest therapists in the world at the time and looked to see how they could get even better results utilizing those models in an even more expedient science based on the idea that the brain works much like a computer.

NLP uses language, your Unconscious Mind and a series of profound processes (there are about 30 to choose from when you work with a Master Practitioner) to help literally re-route the way your neurons code and store information (IE, “Problems”, Beliefs, Trauma, Events …) to put you back in charge of your life heading in the direction you want to go!

“NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge …”


* Evolve-Your-Life WORKSHOPS *

Set FREE Your Delicious BODY – Non-Diet Weight Loss


SET FREE ~ Your Delicious Feminine!

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