… are you …
~  Missing something in your life?
~  Feeling tired, worn out, exhausted?
~  Hungering for something MORE from your Relationship?
~  Wanting a new Relationship?
~  Unable to FIND the time to really take care of yourself?


 SET FREE ~~~ Your Delicious Feminine!

     Wouldn’t it be great to find Your Goddess Self again . . . ?

(the answer is ‘yes’, right?!)
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Working with Julie is a trandsplendent experience!

 I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life as I did after this workshop.

S. Arthur, Writer, Portland, OR 

April 9th
 –  Portland
May 14th – Seattle

SPRING 2018 Coming to:
North Carolina, Texas & Washington DC

Sign up now – to assure your spot, SPACE LIMITED.

     Re-Discover the Goddess in YOU!

We all long to be swept away in magnificent passion…
to live in the moment … in Joy,
to be carried away in the depths of Love’s rapture …
drenched in the light of who we most truly are.

Soooooo ~ how the heck do you GET there??? 

Julie KNOWS!

In This Workshop You Will ~

*  Learn the 1 Thing You Can Do for Your Feminine to enliven it the REST of Your Life!

*  Learn what men REALLY want from us!
(… it’s not what you think!)  And, how the heck their brains work?!!!

*  Discover How to Let Go of Your Love Loss from the Past that is Keeping You from the Love You Desire Now!

THIS event will fill you up with remembering ~ who you TRULY are, at your very core.

It will inspire you …  heal your heart …

Men at work who never noticed me before are looking!  Men smile at me everywhere I go?!   After a dismal last marriage – this was AMAZING to discover about myself.  I AM, even in my 50’s – a Delicious Woman, after all!

K.S., Wellness Practitioner, Seattle, WA 

Julie Michaels has spent nearly a decade in western Tantric Spiritual Sexuality studies to help her coaching clients.  It changed her life so profoundly … she wanted a platform to teach women everywhere how they can return to being the true Delicious Feminine that lives inside all of them.
So, she created SET Free. standing on the tall shoulders of the amazing work of David Deida which she has intimately studied and added Rapid Change Technology, NLP and her tools as one of only 8 Facilitators worldwide with the skill set she has.  She has, since then been coaching women (AND men!) to relationship success/more powerful lives individually and as couples.

She changed her life from a long, unhappy relationship that wasn’t working  and a series of years of Internet dating un-successes to use all this knowledge to re-invent herself and find a magnificent relationship of her dreams.  

Finding the Best Man Ever!


PRICE:  $325 @ the Door/$225 if paid upfront
VISA/MC Accepted via Paypal

For Snail Mail:  See Address Below, Checks Made Payable to Julie Michaels

DIRECT (323) 481-1884 or
Office VMail = (503) 308-9049

EMAIL:  DreamwithJulie@gmail.com for ?s or more info


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