Julie Michaels has a combination of natural gifts that long ago drew my attention.  I have been facilitating a long time and at a certain point began to train a few people select people in the work that I was doing on two fronts, both people in the arts and people impacted by the AIDS epidemic.  Julie was one of the leaders I chose BECAUSE of her compassionate streak that allows her to work with people in a straightforward yet gentle manner, moving them through blocks that have plagued them.”

Sally Fisher, National Activist & Co-Founder: The AIDS Mastery &
Founder: Intersect Worldwide Working to End the Co-epidemics of HIV/AIDS & Violence Against Women

* * * * *

Julie Michaels is an amazingly talented and skillful Coach!  I have seen her masterfully lead her clients to successes they never thought possible.  Julie has such a unique approach and is able to bring all her gifts, skills and talents together in a way that creates amazing breakthroughs for her clients.

She is a “gem” of a person with a heart of gold and has a way of keeping a positive attitude to find a solution to any problem.  She 

shines very brightly and helps her clients do the same!”

Wendy Lynn Beacock, Co-Founder:  The Academy of Wealth and Success
Creator/Founder:   StepUpandShine.com

* * * * *

“I can’t even begin to describe the difference that
Julie’s work has made in my life!

Julie has taken me places that no one else has been able to
in terms of removing ages-old blocks to success and abundance
that have plagued me for years.

Since working with Julie, my business has grown dramatically and I’ve had a blast doing it!  She is on my core TEAM because you won’t find a better NLP Practitioner/Coach that combines a heart beyond-the-beyond with absolute mastery of what she teaches.”

Geoff Laughton, President:   Geoff Laughton Consulting Services


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