Insider Secrets to Nail Your Next Audition/Pitch
or Sales Meeting…

Get Access to 2 HOURS of “Rapport Secrets for SUCCE$$
with NLP Master Coach & Rapid Change Specialist , Julie Michaels
(The Class Content a $450 Value!)

Aren’t most meetings in Life ~ really just an Audition?

Attention Actors, Writers, Directors, Producers, Studio Execs… and, yes ANYONE who deals with Sales, Management or Leadership!


How Useful Would it be to Learn:

* The ability to go into every Audition or  Meeting with killer confidence?
(proven to be the most attractive thing in selling yourself or product)

* A way to use this ability over and over again, for LIFE?

* The skills 99.9% of Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers,
Managers, Leaders & Salespeople DON’T know?
(& how far would that put you ahead of the game if you had it?!)



“Within days of listening to Julie, I nailed 2 auditions, had 2 job interviews who BOTH wanted to hire me AND one thing I had really been wanting… fell right into my lap.  This stuff works!”

CR, Actor –  Portland, Oregon

What You Get:

Access to the 2 hour Recorded Teleclass, ‘Rapport Skill Secrets for Industry Professionals‘.

* * * * Julie’s E-Book on 5 Killer Audition Tips! (applicable to any Meeting)

* * * * An MP3 CD if you request of the Class, small extra fee for postage and handling.

* * * * Your personal Q & A’s answered…  you can feel free to email Julie after the class.

* * * * Become a member of Julie’s VIP Club with special offers/discounts on future products.

With This Teleclass You Will Learn To:

~ Nail your next business meeting, audition or pitch in the secret language of rapport skills that connect you instantly in the Unconscious Mind of others.

~ Shine with confidence and power – so you can be your BEST self, no matter how your nerves or adrenaline are running!

~ Learn what charismatic ‘Platform Speakers’ everywhere know!
(taught by an Industry Professional) .

The info given in this recording is taken from Julie’s $3,000 Zen of Creativity Breakthrough Weekend Workshop.

This Class is a MUST-HAVE for your Success!



(No matter where you are located… New York to Los Angeles, London to Tokyo, Melbourne to Vancouver ~ you can be anywhere to take advantage of this Deal.)

How to Access the Recording:

It’s super easy…

STEP 1)  Click on REGISTER NOW below.

STEP 2) You will be e-mailed the phone number and private access code to listen to the recorded teleclass.

STEP 3) Dial in, listen and enjoy!  For up to a month.

Recorded Teleclass Length:

Approximately 2 Hours in 2 different 1 Hour Segments

“NOBODY can inspire you like Julie! You cannot get what she teaches ANYWHERE else on the planet. She has helped me again and again to re-ignite my passion and take charge of my career.”

Todd Worden, Producer/Actor,  Los Angeles, CA & Australia


* * * Why Work with Julie Michaels? * * *

As a Master Results Rapid Change Technology Specialist,  Julie utilizes her 15+ years as a National Seminar Leader/Motivational Expert and Entertainment Industry Professional to bring you this ONE-OF-A-KIND, invaluable information. (that world-class platform speakers know!)  She will let you in on the secrets of fantastic personal relating in any business capacity based in Neuro-Linguistics which she has a Masters in.


As 1 of only 2 in the world with her skill set and the ONLY Entertainment Industry Professional with them, she will rock your Career Life with this info that will give you hands down an advantage over your competition. (how cool is that?)  It will also help set aside confidence issues you might face internally so you can succeed at greater levels.


Certified Facilitator of The Mastery of Self-Expression via The NY Actors Institute, Founder of and CEO of personal development/entertainment company, CATCHING DREAMS … Julie’s leadership is unparalleled in her abilityto inspire you and set YOUR Dreams … FREE!

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