To Create… is to be sending a Thought “message-in-a-bottle” to the Universe.
To be clear ~ is everything!  …
Get CLEAR with the CD that clients everywhere are talking about!

We Don’t Get What We “Want”…

… That’s what my Mentor, (Christopher Howard, world leader in Success and Wealth Creation) always used to say… and one day, I really understood that.

Rev. Michael Beckwith (from the movie The Secret & Agape International in LA) makes the point another way – “the Universe only looks to see what you are interested in.”
“Interested in”????!
Then, it all began to make more sense to me.
Ohhh, I had been unconsciously “interested in” what I DIDN’T Want?!
I realized I had been focusing on, “I don’t have money, I don’t have money, I don’t have money…” then, wondering why – I didn’t have any money?!

I discovered this empowering way to change the way my brain thinks about what I want and I began to really get results with it. I captured how I did it to on this CD to share this great technology assisting You do the same.

is a deeply relaxing, neurally re-patterning way to open your whole cellular body to what you desire. Then, as it does, it connects you to the emotional state you will be in when you get the thing you want. That, magnetizes it to you – THAT is Law of Attraction – in Action.

Experience the power of this transformational work now … Click below

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Use it to Set Outcomes into your Future in such a way you can really CONNECT to and allow them!

Outcomes Such As:
*  Revive Your Health
*  Create More $$$ Flowing
*  Create New Job Opportunities or Re-Invent Your Career Newly
*  Attain Weight Loss Goals in a Non-Diet Way
*  Help Heal Physical Challenges & Dis-ease/Pre-Create Surgery Success
*  Open up to the Love You Desire in Your Relationship or Create a New Relationship
*  Pre-Create Any Business Meeting for Success/Pitch/Outome

By taking your mind in the direction you WANT to go – not just in a conscious way – but also deeply aligning yourself at the UNCONSCIOUS Level of your Mind ~~~ you open up TO ~~~ the Quantum Flow.

“Your voice!  Is so calming, so powerful, so magical!  I just finished listening and have to go back and listen again – right now!”
T. Nole, Entrepreneur/Author,  Seattle, WA



She is one of only 2 Master Certified Pracitioners in the world with her skill set, and has developed many powerful processes of her own
that help clients get an amazing 98% SUCCESS RATE.
She has a delightful, empowering way with people that will leave you feeling more like the REAL You.
(ie, that you are unlimited!!!)
And, what could you do – as you felt inspired and empowered with no limitations??!

Julie is a certified Master Transformation Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, Master of Neuro-Linguistics & Rapid Change Technology. She also holds a certifications as a Facilitator of The Mastery of Self-Expression, Master Facilitator of the Family-of-Origin Work of Inner World Seminars & is Founder of of the one-of-a-kind training series.

Join Julie’s leadership now to get her unparalleled in her ability to lift you up and
set YOUR Dreams … FREE!

“I feel like I can do anything, when I work with Julie!”
L Scott,  Artist, Portland, OR

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