The Set FREE Your Delicious Body! Groupon is Over – but Get  Private Coaching and lose the Holiday Weight Gain 

(the Non-Diet way)!

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Our Non-Diet Weight Loss work has evolved!
The Groupon Classes went so well – I developed a whole one day workshop and/or Private Coaching geared towards your personal breakthrough!

There was just SO much information to cover, people are loving it SO much, and there are so many deep neural changing Processes to share along with nutritional secrets – it just couldn’t be done in a 2 hour format anymore.  Therefore – we wised up and closed the prior class Groupon and now it has expanded into a FULL 1 Day Breakthrough Event!

“I worked with Julie, and now feel my cravings are under control! This is AWESOME!”  
LH, Portland Participant

Come along for the ride with Julie and never feel the same about your body, food and weight loss again!

What if … you could … eat whatever you wanted and – lose weight?!!

Katie – Lost 17 pounds
Claire – Lost 99 pounds
Chris – Lost 119 pounds

How Did THAT Happen?

 Discover How To:

“Eat to the Ahhhh/Not the OMG!”  like they did!



  • How to enlighten yourself on what is the foundation of body change!
    Everything you think and say matters (have you recently called your beautiful self “Fat”?  Eeek!)  Find out how Law of Attraction affects your shape and weight
  • The 5 Gems of Non-Diet Weight Loss & How to Use Them
    One of the most important of them is how to be in an Alkaline Body
  • How create a whole new relationship to food that feels GOOD
    (& find out why there are no ‘bad’ foods’)
  • What does my liver have to do with weight gain?   How do I fix THAT???
  • The experience of letting your Unconscious Mind help you release the weight you are ready to get rid of!  Easy Schmeezy ~~~ 🙂
    IN – Deep NLP Neural Re-patterning Hypnosis Processes that change how your brain ‘codes’ and ‘stores’ the “Problem of Weight” in your mind and,
    IN – A Process you can do every night before sleep
  • How to Stop Sugar Cravings in their Tracks
  • Set in your Unconscious Mind a secret “Satisfaction” Anchor to help you eat less.
  • What to do if you want to BINGE?  1 Powerful Hypnotic Process You Can Use for Life!
  • The 1 thing people do who get 50% faster and more enduring weight loss & how to do it.
  • Can I change the picture in my mind of my body? YES you can! With NLP, you will see.
  • How to forgive yourself for your Weight Loss Roller Coaster Experiences of the past.
  • What is your EGM and how has it been stopping you from the body you desire?
  • What is Mindful Eating & PRACTICE IT at the event.
  • How to turn in your Clean Plate Club Membership Card.
  • Get the most Powerful New Tool for non-diet weight loss there is  that can keep you losing unwanted weight for life!  (think of it … Like a Magic No-Cost Lap Band!)
  • When You Sign Up:  You will get the list of things for the Workshop to bring, location
    & Julie’s Gift to you of her E-Book on
    “3 Gems to Manifesting”
    & Bonus GIFT End of Workshop – You leave with Julie’s deep hypnosis MANIFESTATION CD to help you keep achieving any goal in life you want!  Use it over and over for best results.

NEXT 1 Day Set FREE Your Delicious Body Workshops:

PORTLAND – January 24th – SOLD OUT

PORTLAND – January 31st – Discount Pre-Sale $295

PORTLAND – February 22nd – $495

RSVP Essential at least 48 hours in advance, important b/c seating is limited for each workshop.

(Full Value at Door w/o Discount $1250 per person)


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