~ The VISION ~

“We can all get caught up in the conditions of everyday life – forgetting our own power, beauty, joy and ability to infinitely create.  What we NEED is a gentle, dynamic  reminder of Who We Are and What We Came To Do.

Being that reflection – a place of inspiration and passion – that sees who you Truly Are is my gift.  Allow me to illuminate Your passage
… show you the Treasure Map …
… Catch Your Dreams.”

* * * * *

JULIE MICHAELS is a Master of Neuro-Linguistics, Neural Re-Patterning and Rapid Change Technology taught personally by a world re-known leader in the field of Wealth & Success.  She is the new Creative Expert for Scriptapalooza’s Premium Subscription Service for writers in a 1 year creative coaching propulsion program

She is a Master Results Life Coach with over 15 years in the field of Personal Development as a National Facilitator which includes creating her own workshops, coaching, lecturing, writing and inspiring clients throughout the US and Australia to get their illusive Dreams.
(or to find out what it was to begin with, then take action!)

As a Seasoned Facilitator with national acclaim, her added 3 years training in NY to lead the The Mastery of Self Expression and The Mastery for People with AIDS Workshops gave her over 2000 hours in the field – of working with people/assessing issues and learning the practical conditions of working psychology.  It helped her develop a deep ability to embrace working with clients in almost any emotional circumstance.

Her expertise expands to include being a part of the Entertainment Industry both in front of and behind the scenes which plays a key role in her work with: celebrities, producers, writers and actors on Career Re-Invention, Performance Issues and Creative Blocks.

She is one of only 8 Certified Facilitators internationally who are trained to lead the family-of-origin breakthrough intensive GETTING MAGNIFICENT Workshop originated by Inner World Seminars.  It qualifies her also to use the powerful “Personal History Re-Frame Process” wherein you can literally re-write your childhood and family experiences that have stopped you, a life-changing modality she uses in all her work.

A true native Texan, she uses her humor along with her nurturing style, her straight talk and compassion to breathe life into the world you have imagined ~ and perhaps forgot you could have.

As CEO and Founder of Catching Dreams, Inc. – Passion is her number one value in life.

She believes YOU can have it and that everyone can get the life of Your Dreams

* * * * * REVIEW for Julie:

“Julie IS a Master! Her rapid change work is focused and completely beneficial. Julie WILL move you forward. After only 1 session, I can see such gain toward reaching my new goals, and my outlook is more joyful and confident. I Love Your Process, Julie! Anyone who engages with her work will benefit tremendously.”

Janis Mergele
Former:  High School Educator, Texas
Current:  New Adventurer, Everywhere





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