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Remember when you were a Kid…
And, You had a Dream …?

Remember when you wanted to be A Cowboy, A Ballerina,
A Superhero?,  A Rock Star?
Remember how excited you were to wake up 
in the morning and jump out of bed
ready to take the day by storm??!

Then, you grew . . .

You became an Adult.
It’s a familiar story.

Perhaps that thing you came here to do,
That thing deep in your soul that was longing to be set free…
Your reason to be . . .  faded.

Maybe you feel as if you are just settling…

Like life is really missing something?

You ask yourself
“Isn’t there MEANT to be more than this?”

The Answer is a definitive “Yes there is.”
*  *  *  *  * 

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From the first moment I began to work with Julie ~ my life began to change.
She was this inspirational FORCE, able to take my past history/old beliefs and make them work for me rather than against me! I have taken charge of my life now! I have retired with passion instead of hopelessness. Julie has played a powerful part in bringing me to this  unimaginable and magnificent place!!!

M. Skillingstead
Former:  Educational Administrator

at the Dream with Julie Fan Page